9 Hill Open 2023

PDGA Euro Tour Event

Experience the best players of Europe in action and get inspired by them!

3 Courses

Event held at 3 courses with really diverse characteristics in scenic area of Talsi.

400+ Players

450 spots for players to compete in divisions starting from Juniors up to MPO ET level.

9 Hill Open is a tournament that for many is a dream come true. It is a acknowledgement that hard work pays off for anyone, whether You are the true hobbyist, a real professional or disc golf ambassador, as this tournament brings them all together.

Moving step by step, the organizers have been able to grow the tournament from a simple unsanctioned event in the middle of the summer to possibly be one of the most important and deciding events in Euro Tour 2023 schedule.

Despite the fact that the tournament will be held for only the 4th time, we guarantee keeping up a high standard of organization and competitive spirit across the three courses all across the weekend. And for sure, You will be able to take part in side events for extra entertainment and a chance to score a nice prize or memorabilia.

And beside competing, September with no doubt is the perfect time to enjoy Indian summer in Latvia. With nature trails, 500km long beach and forests looming around every corner, You will surprised with all the possibilities for relaxation around Talsi.

9 Hill Open 2022 quick facts

3rd 9Hill Open to date

6000$+ Pro Purse

130+ Participants

350+ Rounds Played in total

Farthest registered player – New Zealand

Divisions won by representatives from  5 different countries


Stage 1 of registration has started.


pro divisions
  • Euro Tour 2023 #11
  • PDGA A-Tier
  • Played on 9Hill Pro course
  • 100% Payout
opens 14/03/23

Stage 1:
Opens 14/03/2023
Min PDGA rating 980 MPO | 880 FPO

Stage 2:
Opens 17/03/2023
Min PDGA rating 950 MPO | 850 FPO

Stage 3:
Opens 21/03/2023
Min PDGA rating 920 MPO | 830 FPO

Stage 4:
Opens 24/03/2023
Min PDGA rating 900 MPO | 800 FPO


MP40 | FP40 | MP50 | FP50 | MP55 | FP55
maters divisions
  • Euro Tour Masters 2023 #5
  • 100% Payout
  • Played on 2 Courses
  • PDGA A-Tier

Stage 1:
Opens 14/03/2023, min PDGA ratings:
MP40 920 | MP50 880 | MP55 860
FP40 840 | FP50 810 | FP55 800

Stage 2:
Opens 17/03/2023, min PDGA ratings:
MP40 880 | MP50 840 | MP55 780
FP40 780 | FP50 780 | FP55 780

Stage 3:
Opens 21/03/2023, min PDGA ratings:
MP40 840 | MP50 780 | MP55 780
FP40 780 | FP50 780 | FP55 780

9 Hill Open 2023

MA2 | MA3 | MA4
male amateur divisions
  • Played on 2 courses
  • 3 rounds in 3 days
  • Full players pack

9 Hill Open 2023

FA2 | FA4 | FA40 | MJ18
female & junior amateur divisions
  • Played on 2 courses
  • 3 rounds in 3 days
  • Full players pack

Player Fee Refund Conditions

  • If a player cancels his/her participation less than 30 days before the competition, the full participation fee will be refunded.
  • If a player cancels 15-29 days before the event, 50% of the entry fee will be refunded or the player can receive a player pack if his place is not filled in the event. If the player’s place is filled in the competition, then the player can receive 100% of the paid entry fee.
  • If a player cancels his/her entry later than 14 days before the event, then 25% of the entry fee paid will be refunded or the player may receive a player pack if his/her place is not filled in the event. If the player’s place is filled in the competition, then the player can receive 100% of the paid entry fee.

Event Schedule

This is a preliminary schedule and will be updated before the event.

WEDNESDAY, September 13th
9:00 – 17:00 Practice Day | All Courses

THURSDAY, September 14th
09:00 – 19:00 Practice Day | All Courses
20:00 Players Meeting

FRIDAY, September 15th
10:00 Round 1 | 9Hill DGP | Laumas | Rezidence Kurzeme
16:00 Side Events at 9Hill

Saturday, September 16th
9:00 Round 2 | 9Hill DGP | Laumas | Rezidence Kurzeme
15:00 Side Events at courses

Sunday, September 17th
8:00 Round 3
| 9Hill DGP | Laumas | Rezidence Kurzeme
18:00 Final Ceremony

Side Events & Competitions

There will be tons of side events to keep You more focused during the rounds and more entertained after Your rounds and we’ll be offering You a chance to win some sweet prizes.

9Hill Open Raffle

Chance to participate in a raffle for both players and visitors that buy raffle tickets.

9Hill Pentathlon

Saturday night Pentathlon:

  • Putting
  • Mini Golf
  • Cornhole
  • Archery
  • Toss Across

Ace Chase

Ace chase:

  • Ace pool during the rounds
  • A separate chase for everyone

Putting Competition

Putting Competition

Social Media Competitions

Be creative, film & win!


9Hill DGP

Address: Saules iela 4, Talsi LV-3201

GPS: 57.238679, 22.597583

Web: 9hill.lv

Laumas DGP

Address: Laumas, Īves pagasts, LV-3261

GPS: 57.371696, 22.527827

Web: laumas.lv

Kurzemes Rezidence DGP

Address: Reņģes, Strazdes pagasts, LV-3291

GPS: 57.160627, 22.776513

Web: rezidencekurzeme.lv


Area of Talsi offers plenty of choice regarding accommodation.

Depending on Your needs, You will be able to find place that suits You the best. There are plenty of stays a walk distance from 9 Hill Disc Golf park as well as guest houses, hotels and even villas near the town.

Nature Park “Laumas” and “Rezidence Kurzeme” are excellent stays that are situated at the heart of disc golf courses and are great not just for staying during tournament, but also to relax close to nature away from everyday noise.

Laumas, Īves pagasts, LV-3261
Visit Web site
Rezidence Kurzeme
Reņģes, Strazdes pagasts, LV-3291
Visit Web site
Visit Talsi.com
Available accommodations near Talsi
Visit Web site


You should not worry a bit about food!

There are plenty of caterers that work every day of the week and will be available on and near the courses and in closer area. Either You like traditional food or want to have some kebab or sushi, the caterers in Talsi area are providing all of that.


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